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Aurora Pens

Aurora pens are well known for their high quality Italian craftsmanship, having made pens in Turin, Italy since 1919. Over the years they have used the best designers to keep their pens fresh, and even employed a Nobel Prize winner to help advance their manufacturing technology.

It was in 1919 that Aurora first started with the creation of the first true Italian fountain-pen. A rich textile merchant and founder of Aurora, saw the crystallization of a dream he had long planned. From those first years the company showed it was able to produce pens with refinement. A unique style which brought together experience, technique and precious materials with artisan skill and refinement.

Aurora was way ahead in their field, succeeding in combining tradition and Italian design in the production of their wonderful writing instruments. Each model represents a new step forward in the history of the company, which has always been oriented towards research at the highest standards of luxury and quality. Ebay currently has these available.

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