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Collecting Antique Inkwells

An antique inkwell often reminds you of the great thinkers of the past who recorded their theories, observations and signed important documents with pen or quill. In order to use a fountain pen, these individuals had to have inkwells for dipping. Today, these inkwells are considered to be antiques and are very popular for collecting. Inkwells were made of metal and had a glass insert. They were also placed on top of a desk and ready for use.

Antique inkwells are decorative items due to the fact that they were placed on a desk. They offered an element of design for the individual. They came in a number of colors and were elaborate. Inkwells are often confused with ink bottles which are completely made of glass and are just as decorative. A larger inkwell was often used to store the ink and be available for refilling the smaller ones.

Inkwell Shapes
Inkwells come in a variety of shapes and colors. There are cone inks, which were used from the 1800s to the early 1900s. You can find inkwells in greens, blues and reds. Aside from cone inks, there are also umbrella inkwells that come in more elaborate colors and designs. These types are often the most expensive and most popular to collect. Hexagonal, octagonal and barrel shaped ink bottles were also produced in the 19th century. Each antique inkwell shape corresponds to a certain point in history and has a special meaning for the collector.

Inkwells became antiques when the ballpoint pen was invented in the 1930s. This ended the production of ink pens and inkwells. Pen enthusiasts enjoy collecting inkwells for their ornate styles, unique shapes and colors and their connection to the history of writing.

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