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Digital Pens

Digital pens have been the talk of the century and are the latest technological craze. Many tech companies have been developing the ideas and technology for producing digital pens. For example, there is the HP digital pen and Logitech digital pen.

A digital pen is a type of writing instrument that operates with batteries and it looks like a regular ballpoint pen. The pen has been designed to record handwriting as well as drawings, which can be transferred to a PC using a USB cradle. You must use a specific type of digital writing pad to write on in order for the pen to record. Once the writing is transferred on a PC, the text will be saved as a digital image which can then be used to copy or email.

So how do digital pens work? Well, once you use the pen on a digital writing pad, small dots inform the pen's camera what has been written and where. The user must then save the writing and wait for confirmation from the pen. Usually, digital pens are able to save approximately 40 pages of digital paper. While it is common that the writing is saved as a digital image, some pens use a file format to save. To transfer the text onto a PC, you must use a USB cradle. This cradle detects the pen, opens the appropriate software and transfers the information on to the computer. Ebay currently has these available.

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There are various types of digital pens on the market these days. HP digital pen comes with software that recognizes handwriting and can save handwritten notes as typed text, as does the Logitech digital pen. While digital pens usually run on batteries, some newer models are use Bluetooth technology. They are very suitable for professors, students and any other type of writer. They are also appropriate for businessmen and women. A digital pen is an efficient and effective way of saving written information and to have on record for years.