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Dunhill Pens

Alfred Dunhill was twenty-one when he began to manage his father’s saddlery business in London. He was not only an entrepreneur but he was also an inventor. At a very young age, Dunhill utilized his business-savvy skills and began producing luxury items in 1893. His designs were chic, refined and not limited to only a few collective pieces. He explored the world of luxury products from automobile parts to leather goods and even pens.

Dunhill Pens, like most of his other items, bear the essence of masculinity combined with a sense of gentleness. The writing instruments are sophisticated and truly convey an individual who values high quality craftsmanship and elegant design. The Sidecar collection of writing instruments is the ideal and latest example of this. This line of Dunhill pens includes the Sidecar Aubergine and Sidecar Mink, both of which are constructed with lacquer and specialized resin.

They offer a range of colors that are new to the world of technical writing tools. The Sidecar Engine Turned Lacquer Rollerball is another work of art in itself. This pen features the classic engine turned design that originated in the 1920s. Ebay currently has these available.

While the Sidecar pens are a larger type, the Sidecar Streamliner collection carries more slim and sleek Dunhill pens. These are more about creating a visual appeal combined with precision. The Streamliner is based on historic accounts of the Art Deco style from the 20th Century. The design of the body is slender and the clip is bold, two qualities that are characteristic of the Art Deco movement. These pens are available as ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. Dunhill has a wide variety of other collections of pens that can be added to the list. In the end, each pen is an example of a luxury item that has been created with history and fine design in mind. The designs are contemporary, sharp and display a keen interest in detail.