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Esterbrook Pens

Esterbrook pens are known to be made for those in the economy market as well as for academic students. The nibs on these pens are interchangeable which makes it ideal for writers as it gives various options for writing. The nibs are made of stainless steel but some of the Esterbrook collections actually have gold nibs including the English Relief pens.

Esterbrook pens originated in the United Kingdom and were introduced by a man named Richard Esterbrook. He caught on the transition of quill pens to steel nib pens and decided to manufacture an innovative type of pen. He also realized that the United States did not have any companies manufacturing pens with steel nibs. Esterbrook opened up a whole new market for these pens which continue to be popular today.

Many pen collectors enjoy accumulating Esterbrook pens, especially the vintage fountain pens. There are also other collectible pens including the "J" pen which was produced in 1948 after the war. Many of the Esterbrook pens have been made in the United States and some of the collections have been produced after the celluloid era. Esterbrook Relief pens are highly popular among collectors and have been created in the mid 1930s and continued to be produced through the 50s in England. This collection includes a large variety of model styles along with the signature relief inscription on the clips. Other collections include the Dollar Pens, Deluxe Pens, 101 Pens and many more. Ebay currently has these available.

The unique aspect of Esterbrook pens is that have a more professional and executive look. They can be included in any pen collection and they also make great gifts for pen enthusiasts.