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Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space pen has an international presence in the world of high quality pens. The Fisher Space pen story, however, began in the United States in the 1950s. During this time, Paul Fisher came up with the “Universal Refill” which would be used in many ballpoint pens. His motive was to invent a cartridge that would fit any pen considering that every pen in the market has its unique cartridge.

Not only did Fisher revolutionize refillable pens, but he also came up with a technique that would allow ink to flow when necessary. Most pens would have ink flowing consistently, but Fisher brought an end to that. His innovativeness was useful during the space race as astronauts would no longer rely on pencils to document their findings in space. They were then able to use a pen that would work with the laws of gravity.

The 1968 Apollo 7 mission use the Fisher AG-7 Space Pen and the cartridge that was developed in 1966. Another historical moment that involved a Fisher Space pen was Ronald Reagan’s signing of the Proclamation of the Air and Space Bicentennial in 1983. The inauguration celebrated the first hot air balloon flight by man located near Paris, France. Fisher Space Pen also appeared in Hollywood during an episode of Seinfeld. Ebay currently has these available.

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Not only has Fisher Space Pen introduced a whole new world of pens and cartridges, it also has a historically rich background. The collection of pens is extensive and it includes the Original Astronaut Pen that celebrates the landing of the moon. Keeping in line with the space races and technology, this company has produced a series of Bullet Space pens that have bullet-like shapes and sleek designs. Innovation is a key element of Fisher Space pen, especially with the advent of the Space Pen and Flashlight combo. Practicality, inventiveness and a connection to significant world events are all important factors for Fisher Space Pen writing instruments as well as the history of the company.