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Floaty Pens

Floaty pens uniquely designed and interesting pens for collecting. If you have travelled to a new city and entered a souvenir shop, chances are you have come across floaty pens. Float pens have an upper barrel that is filled with liquid and a movable piece of art. When you move the pen, the art floats up and down. There are many custom made floaty pens available for collecting.

Floaty pens have been in production for seventy years and continue to make the writing experience more fun. Majority of floaty pens are manufactured in Denmark and the first Danish company to produce these pens is Eksesen. The liquid inside the barrel is mineral oil which allows the object to float around smoothly. The object inside is highly miniaturized in order to fit in a 16 by 80 millimeter tube. The floating objects began as 3-dimensional pieces but are now flat in order to increase efficiency in production.

Floaty pens are not traditional types of pens as they feature art right on the pen. The artwork can range in topic from cartoon characters and city names. The designs are created by artists and are sold all over the world. Not only do they make great souvenirs, but they can also be given as gifts or party favors. In addition to these, floaty pens are tools for marketing as they feature company names and logos. What makes floaty pens unique from any other pen is the art work that goes into it. Ebay currently has these available.