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HuaShiLai Pens

HuaShiLai is a Chinese leading manufacturer of high quality and well-constructed pens. The selection of HuaShiLai pens is extensive and there are a number of styles and designs to choose from. The fountain pen is the most popular and abundant in the market.

Users find that HuaShiLai is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of different pen users. There are slim and slender pens alongside more hefty and medium sized pens. From ornamental designs to more simple and sleek finishes, HuaShiLai offers one of the most diverse collection of fountain pens on the market.

One will find lacquered pens with stunning resin caps along with chrome or gold plated accents. Other design characteristics included marbled bodies as well as filigree decorative bands. The ornamentation on these pens is truly impressive and has won over many pen enthusiasts across the globe. Whether HuaShiLai pens are given as gifts or are added to a personal collection, they really offer originality and authenticity.

HuaShiLai pens offer that high end look of a luxury pen at an affordable price. When the nib meets the paper, it is smooth sailing and the ink comes out in a fine line. Some models are available with calligraphy nibs, which add to the authenticity of having a Chinese pen. The material used for constructing these pens is of the highest quality and the craftsmen are dedicated to producing pens with attention to detail and bold features.

The fountain pen is a classic and timeless type of pen and HuaShiLai has taken these qualities to the next level in modern times. These pens are meant for those with a sophisticated taste. HuaShiLai pens are not only traditional in style, but also elegant and refined. HuaShiLai is a Chinese based manufacturing company of pens that are all about fine craftsmanship and smooth writing. Ebay currently has these available.