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Marlen Pens

Marlen pens are made by an Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments. The designs of Marlen pens are original and display high quality craftsmanship. The company is dedicated to offering pen users innovative technologies along with traditional designs. Marlen is known for designing and producing one of a kind barrels that come in a variety of bold and beautiful colors. These barrels are also made of resin and celluloid, which are high quality materials.

In addition to these, Marlen pens feature sterling silver clips and handcrafted 18K gold fountain nibs. There are many limited edition pens that have been designed with originality in mind. Marlen pens are definitely some of the most distinctive ones in the market. The collection of Marlen pens includes the Symbol series, the Paris Metal fountain pen, Continenti Piston, and even the Forme New series. One of the popular collections of Marlen pens is the Aderl series. The Aderl fountain pen is a large fountain pen that features sterling silver trims and is made of resin. It also comes with a 14K nib that offers a smooth writing experience. Marlen produces ballpoint pens, rollerpens, fountain pens as well as refills. Ebay currently has these available.

Writing instruments have been a significant part of history ever since man began documenting series of events. Writing plays a major role in cultural production and before the printing press, the pen has been the most important tool for expressing words. Some of the greatest writers have been citizens of Italy. Italian pens have been associated with elegance, quality design and innovation. Marlen is not only an Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments, but it is also popular for its craftsmanship, originality and luxury. The pens are handmade and designed to fit the needs of any writer. Not only are Marlen pens functional but they are also collectibles.