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Omas Pens

Omas pens are from a world renowned manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, founded by Armando Simoni in 1925. Simoni appreciated high culture and believed that the pen is an important tool and should also provide pleasure when used for writing. He introduced a number of innovations in the world of writing instruments. He was not only an inventor but also a creative designer.

The Omas workshop was stationed in Bologna and is now a famous company. Omas is currently recognized for one of a kind and masterful writing instruments. The company adheres to a certain set of values and philosophies that inspire the designs and technologies for the collection of pens.

Noble materials, innovations and qualities of design are the significant values of Omas. The pens have been handcrafted ever since 1925 and they continue to be made with the same attention to detail and creativity. The materials used to create Omas pens are natural including cotton resin, celluloid, wood, titanium and other precious metals. These materials are process in order to demonstrate high quality. There have been many accomplishments in the history of Omas pens. Armando Simoni has constantly worked to improve the products and the production of each pen. Omas has patented designs and technologies which are part of the innovations of the company. Ebay currently has these available.

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Omas is committed to the idea that pens are tools of creativity and expression. The designs of Omas pens must convey the passion that goes into making them. Appreciation of objects of beauty are also important aspects of the designs. Omas pens are luxurious, classic and creative.