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Pelikan Pens

Pelikan PensPelikan pens are known for their top quality. Available in a surprisingly large variety of styles, we show you a great selection, all at great prices. There are loads of pens available to you, and to help you with your decision we have a large amount of information on each different Pelikan pen style. The range varies from top quality fountain pens to daily use ballpoints.

Pelikan PenPelikan introduced their first fountain pens with their patented differential-piston filling system. Their elegant designs give a classic, timeless feel, pleasing fountain pen owners as much today as they did in the last century. All of Pelikan's fountain pen nibs are hand chased in a variety of nib sizes and offer soft and smooth writing.

Pelikan Fountain PensTop of the Pelikan pen range is the Souveran, the masterpiece of their collection. This is a fairly large fountain pen with a solid brass plunger filling mechanism and fitted with gold plated fittings. The Souveran represents the highest quality in writing instrument manufacture using only the best quality materials available.

Pelikan PensExtremely easy in use and a joy to write with, each Pelikan pen adds looks to the wonderful performance. Writing is never quite the same after you first use any of Pelikans pens. Taking a closer look at their pens indicates just how much care in craftsmanship went into them. Whether you choose a top of the range Souveran or budget ballpoint pen you won't go wrong.

So take a look around and find the Pelikan pen that suits your personality, or for the perfect gift for that special someone.