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Rapidograph Pens

Rapidograph pens are technical writing instruments and are an important part of a designer’s or illustrator’s bag of supplies. These pens are also historic in that they predate the use of computer generated graphics. While computer generated graphics are popular these days, many artists continue to use rapidograph pens for their quality and execution of stunning designs. Using these pens is an enjoyable experience that cannot be matched by any other type of pen.

Technical writing instruments such as rapidograph pens are ideal for many types of artists including designers, draftsmen, illustrators, architects and so on. Engineers also use these technical writing tools for their work. These pens make the job of an artist efficient and offer pleasure while using.

There are various point sizes or line widths when it comes to rapidograph pens. These include very fine points as well as broad sizes which are great for sketching. The key is to find a rapidograph pen that comes with quality. Usually, rapidograph pens come with airtight dry double seal caps to protect the ink from drying out. This makes it ideal for using while drafting designs and drawing. While you can find individual rapidograph pen of varying colors, many times they are sold in sets. Ebay currently has these available.

Technical writing instruments were generally used at an angle to achieve ruling lines. These pens were not intended for cursive handwriting, but can now be used for such purposes. The first rapidograph style pen was created in 1934 and was called the Graphos. The rapidograph pen has evolved a great over the course of its history in terms of design and construction. The nib and flow of ink are important qualities of a rapidograph pen and must be constructed properly. What draws people to use these technical writing tools is the quality of the line that is produced.