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Rotring Pens

Rotring pens have been dedicated to being innovative and visionary ever since the company was established in 1928. For over fifty years, Rotring has been introducing products to the public that have been crafted and designed with the highest level skill and attention. Each item that has come out of Rotring carries the red ring logo which represents the very qualities just described. Those who use the writing instruments or the technical drawing tools are individuals who are looking for high quality and precision.

Rotring Pens are symbols of knowledge and inventiveness. These technical writing tools are precise and uniquely designed. A prime example of innovation is the Rotring Tikky Graphic pen. This instrument features what is called Free Ink technology which has an ink feed module that allows the ink to flow freely from the pen and all the way on to paper. This means that users can take advantage of the ink until it has finished. This is to ensure that the pen offers long lasting use and freedom while using. The pen itself is extra fine fiber and offers a variety of different widths for creating lines. It can be used for writing as well as drawing. Ebay currently has these available.

While there are a variety of other pens by Rotring, the company is also recognized for its pencils. These include the Tikky and the Rotring 300. Each one is the perfect pencil to use for writing, drawing and sketching. Being technical has never looked as good. The Rotring 300 comes with a grip and is a refillable pencil for 2mm lead. The Tikky comes in a variety of colors and different line widths. They are durable and are tailored to the needs of any technical writer or artist. The ultimate result from any Rotring pen or pencil is clean and precise.