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Sailor Pens

Those who are looking for luxurious and chic writing instruments can rely on Sailor Pens. The Sailor Pen Company is dedicated to producing a positive experience for the user of its pens. They have mastered the techniques of constructing technically advanced pens as well as unique designs. By looking at a Sailor Pen, you will immediately take note of the amount of passion that has gone into creating the fine writing instrument.

The Sailor pen company began producing high quality pens over 90 years ago and continues to perfect its methods and designs. In 1911, an engineer from Japan named Kyugoro Sakata was acquainted with the fountain pen thanks to a British Sailor. The design and functionality of these pens inspired Mr. Sakata to open up a company to create and manufacture fine writing instruments. He named the company Sailor Pen after his British sailor friend. Mr. Sakata’s goal was to craft elegant and sophisticated pens and other writing instruments. Such quality in a pen would offer the writer a one of a kind experience.

Today, there are various kinds of writing instruments offered by Sailor Pens. Each pen is finely crafted to perfection in order to make the experience of using it and writing an enjoyable one. The collections of pens include the King of Pens, Professional Gear, Chalena Series, Shi Rei Series and the 1911 series. There are also limited edition models such as the Creatures of the Deep, The Pharaohs, and even the Thindergod Meets Dragon. Ebay currently has these available.

Sailor Pens are created by highly skilled artists and craftsmen. Each of the series has a story behind it. What makes these pens even more valuable is that they are handcrafted by the artists themselves. The designs display luxury through elegant designs and ornamentation. Fountain pens are the most significant pieces created by Sailor Pens as they inspired Mr. Sakata to establish this world renowned company.