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ST Dupont Pens

ST Dupont pens have an excellent reputation for making top quality luxury pens made from precious metals and some of the finest Chinese lacquer work in the world. The company itself is still based in Faverges, the Dupont's family home at the base of the French Alps.

ST Dupont were formed in 1872 when Simon Tissot Dupont bought a workshop making leather briefcases for diplomats and businessmen. He gave the business over to his two sons in 1919, at which stage they focused on top quality travel cases and accessories. By the 1930's ST Dupont were using only best quality materials such as crocodile skin, gold, silver, ivory and tortoiseshell. They produced these quality cases for clients such as the French aristocracy, kings, emperors and maharajahs.

In 1935 the enamel in their cases was replaced with lacquer, at which time they enlisted the services of a Russian who had learned the art of lacquering on his travels in China. Ever since then, S.T. Dupont’s trademark has been the meticulous art of lacquer. Eventually they diversified into other products, including pens, and secured their reputation of making luxury pieces from precious metals and the finest Chinese lacquer work in the world. Ebay currently has these available.

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