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Visconti Pens

Visconti pens are fairly new in the pen world, it was 1988 when they began handcrafting fine writing instruments in Italy. Visconti has since taken great strides to produce the world's finest quality pens and to re-apply the art of celluloid pens.

The Visconti company was formed by two pen experts, who decided to start the brand with the aim of producing celluloid fountain pens. This material had been abandoned by the majority of pen manufacturers for decades. Dante del Vecchio, one of co-founders of Visconti, described celluloid as the Queen of pen materials. He felt this as it's environmentally friendly, is available in a wide range of colors and, perhaps most importantly of all, it is shockproof. This is a fundamental and very important characteristic for the production of quality pens.

Since starting the revival of celluloid use, Visconti has invented the double reservoir power filler and the travelling ink pot. They have also made many other contributions to the development of writing instruments, including the use of other materials such as ebonite, lucite and acrylics. This creativity in the design makes Visconti pens a product truly worthy of the Florentine tradition and one of the most creative pen designers today. Ebay currently has these available.

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