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Wahl Eversharp Pens

Wahl Eversharp pens are made by a manufacturer of fine writing instruments, the company being established in 1914. They started of producing mechanical pencils but began to produce fountain pens later on. These pens were made of high quality materials and were produced until the late 1950s. Wahl Eversharp has introduced a variety of different pens to the market and these include the Tempoint, Flat Top Pens, Flat Top Personal Point Pens, Equipoise, Coronet, and the Skyline collection.

Each pen has a unique construction as well as design. Wahl Eversharp fountain pens are highly attractive and they offer a sense of elegance to the act of writing. Each collection of pens has been produced with a unique purpose but can be enjoyed by writers and pen enthusiasts alike. The Tempoint Pens by Wahl-Eversharp are the earliest pens produced by the company and are made of high quality hard rubber. The Skyline collection offers a one of a kind shape that is more contemporary in style.

Wahl Eversharp pens have been popular for a number of years and continue to be collected by the masses. They make wonderful gifts for writers, students and professionals. Starting a pen collection is an enjoyable task as each pen is distinct for its style and writing qualities. Wahl Eversharp pens are great for starting a collection with as they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Ebay currently has these available.

Writing instruments have been important tools of cultural production for many years. The earliest pens have evolved into the most elaborate and technologically advanced ones in the history of writing instruments.