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Waterman Pens

Waterman Pens

Waterman pens are known for their expert use of quality materials, color and a distinctive, personal style. Available at great prices, we can show you a wide variety of pens to buy, along with a plethora of information on the Waterman range. From ballpoint to pencil, rollerball to fountain pen, you will find what you are looking for here.

For over 120 years Waterman have shown their place at the heart of elegance and style. The company's main selling point has always been about quality and reliability. Waterman has lived by this target ever since. Even from their very first pen made of hard rubber, the nib was 14k gold.

The Waterman Carene is one of the better known pens in their range. Available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen, the Carene has a very dynamic style. It is available with gold plated clip and trim for a more classic look, or if you prefer more of a modern look then there is the silver plated clip and trim.

Each Waterman pen adds looks and style to it's performance. Easy to write with, writing is never a task when you use any Waterman pens. A closer look at their pens shows the quality craftsmanship that went into each of them. Whichever pen you do decide to go for, you have made a wise choice.

In Waterman, you will discover a truly exceptional writing instrument steeped in European flair that makes a bold statement in any business environment. Waterman products stand out in stunning fashion from a crowded marketplace with dramatic shapes and finishes that continue to raise the standard for executive gifts. Each pen is unique and individual, and becomes a reflection of the character and style of the writer.

For more than 120 years, Waterman pens have been regarded as premier fashion accessories, aside from being very reliable pens used by people of style and refinement.

The Exception

Imagine a fine writing accessory beyond distinction, where rarity, quality and artistry meet. Giving free reign to its creative daring and technical excellence, Waterman brings Exception in the the world. A striking new style, absolute refinement and unequivocal craftsmanship.

The Carene

It’s powerful silhouette reveals a highly contemporary design. The Waterman Carène has a dynamic style enhanced by the elegance of it’s trims. Available with hold plated clip and trim for a more classic look or silver plated clip and trim for a more modern version. The Waterman Carène is the gift that is cherished for a lifetime.

The Perspective

Pure elegant, creative, the new Perspective line is a symbol of Waterman‘s expressive world view. Inspired by modern architectural trends – from the slender, pure tubular body to the skyline-engraved barrel ring to the distinctive clip that recalls the sharp-edged impact of modern metropolitan buildings

The Expert

The originality, style and precision of an expert, it’s bevelled cap, double rings gilded in either 23.3 karat gold or chrome plate, all highlight the finely-lacquered barrel with a wind-swept dune effect, classic black lacquer, brushed chrome or matte black. The Waterman Expert is the perfect writing instrument for contemporary gift giving.

The Hemisphere

The Waterman Hemisphere pleases from every angle. With its elegantly tapered form, bevelled button, gold electroplated or chromed trims and seemingly endless array of finishes. With undeniable appeal, the Hemisphere is ideal for your next gift. Go ahead, make an occasion of every day with the Waterman Hemisphere

The Phileas

Inspired by the around-the-world travels of Jules Verne’s Philéas Fogg, Waterman presents the Philéas, a writing instrument as worldly and inventive as Mr. Fogg himself. Cleverly merging contemporary lines with retro touches, the Philéas is an excellent choice for a special gifts. Recipients will appreciate the quality and prestige of the Waterman brand, and the inventive style of this writing instrument. The Waterman Phileas is thoughtful, yet a bit daring, just like its namesake adventurer.

So take a look around and find the Waterman pen that suits your personality, or for the perfect gift for that special someone.