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Waterman Fountain PensAt you can find great deals on all types of pens from the top brands, such as Mont Blanc, Parker and Waterman. You can compare the pens in our reviews, helping you find the best pen for your needs. From a day-to-day Parker pen to an easy to use fountain pen or luxury Sheaffer pen, there is something here for everybody.

Sheaffer PensSo what type of pen are you looking for? Is an expensive pen necessary, after all, we have survived just fine for many years with just a simple, disposable pen. Maybe you are looking for a quality pen as a birthday gift or graduation gift. What could be nicer than unwrapping an exquisite Mont Blanc fountain pen?

Parker PensMore and more people are turning to fountain pens these days. You really need a pen that writes well, smoothly, whilst having the looks to go with the performance. You would be best served hunting around on our site to find a style that suits you best, as pens are quite a personal choice.

Mont Blanc Fountain PensYou need to research what is currently available today. What style do you prefer, a larger, bulkier pen or a slimline style? Which type of pen do you prefer to write with, a fountain pen or maybe a rollerball? And of course, budget must be a consideration, pens costing from a few pennies to thousands!

So take a look around and find the pen that suits you best, or find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Some Tips on Collecting Pens

Sometimes overlooked, pen collecting has become very popular in the past decade, with many of the leading manufacturers releasing limited editions or collectable one offs, some of them reaching into the many thousands of pounds.

Fountain pen collecting is a hobby enjoyed by people all over the world. This hobby began almost as soon the first fountain pen was made. Once people started writing with this fine writing instruments, people immediately saw the beauty that these fine pens possessed and fountain pen collecting began.

You can begin collecting pens by finding a particular make, model or brand that you really like. If you enjoy collecting pens then you will find a stunning collection in terms of brands and models which are highly collectable. These brands include such names as Parker, Sheaffer, Cross, Waterman and MontBlanc.

Why do people love to collection fountain pens? First, as more and more people have white collar jobs getting to writing with a fine writing instrument makes writing at work special. The feel that people get when you write with a fine fountain pen changes the writing experience. Writing with a fountain pen makes people feel like an artist.

Some of these brands have released pens that have rapidly become massive collector's items, meaning that this branded collectable arena has quickly developed a hierarchy of the most sought after items. For me, I love their aesthetic beauty. The craftsmanship of a handmade fountain pen, the beautiful cases and beautiful tips are masterpieces to me.

The first thing that beginner pen collectors have to understand is that scarcity creates value. When people begin collecting ballpoint pens or fountain pens, too often they just look at the aesthetics of the pen. While aesthetics are important, scarcity drives value.

When you decide that collecting pens is for you, you really need to decide what your budget is going to be. Like any collectable item, it is possible to get carried away and start spending hundreds of pounds because you need a couple of the items to keep the collection up to date. By making sure you know your top level budget means you can spread the cost and make sure that you do not overspend and end up in massive debt chasing the one item you really need.

Another thing to understand about fountain pen collecting is that typical older, vintage fountain pens are worth more than newer pens. People love holding a part of history. Vintage fountain pens can tell an unbelievable history lesson. What was going on in the world when that pen was being used? Who wrote with that fountain pen?

Because there are both modern and vintage pens, these almost become two separate collections, so it's worth deciding whether you are going to aim at the vintage side of things or you are going to simple start collecting the new models on the market, as choosing either will make a big impact on the way forward for your collection.

Aso, you need to understand is the most stores do not sell vintage pens. In order to buy vintage pens you need to buy from collectors, online stores, or online auctions. However, if you are buying a new fountain pen, just look for good prices.

It is also important to only buy your pens from a reputable and trusted source, as if you use online actions or place you have never heard of, you run the risk of buying something that is fake or not exactly what you want, so always make sure you only buy from a trusted source and make sure you check out the company before placing your order, as having a copy or replica in your collection will not do you an favours.