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Faber Castell Pens

The story of Faber Castell goes back to the humble beginnings of a small pencil company in Germany. Caspar Faber, a cabinet maker, decided to open this small company in 1761 and for the next one hundred years, the company was operated by the Faber family. After setting trends in Europe and realizing the demand for writing instruments in the United States, the company expanded overseas. Despite a divide in the company’s management and the outbreak of the First World War between the US and Germany, Faber Castell continued to flourish in various parts of the world. Two hundred years after the company was founded, Faber-Castell began to introduce fine writing instruments, including pens.

Faber Castell pens are all about high quality and professionalism. Within its 240 year history, there have been many innovations as well as a commitment to a set of ideals. The company has remained true to its dedication to tradition as well as quality products. The pens display great attention to detail and design. Top quality materials and functionality are key elements of Faber Castell pens. The idea is to offer an enjoyable writing experience to the writer. There is a vast array of pen designs invented by Faber Castell. These include traditional as well sleek and modern designs. While some pens are constructed from wood, others are made of chrome. There is a Faber Castell pen that meets every style. Ebay currently has these available.

With nearly ten different pen models, anyone can find a writing instrument that meets his needs. You can choose from the Mondoro, Ambition, E-Motion, Conic, or GRIP models. Faber Castell offers pens and pencils that come in sets as well. There are ballpoint pens, roller ball pens and the classic fountain pens in many designs. With two decades worth of experience, Faber Castell is an expert in producing fine quality writing instruments.