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Inkwell Fountain Pen Won’t Write?

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If you own a vintage fountain pen you can have trouble with it as it may stop writing. The pens we are talking about are the type that you dip into an inkwell to refill it. When you attempt to use it does it either write sporadically, stop writing entirely, or writes faintly at best, or do you end up with an entire blot of ink on your paper?
Firstly, it could be that the nib could be broken or possibly warped, which can happen a lot with dipping fountain pens, especially small ones such as crow quills. You could also have a clogged nib, especially if you use rougher kinds of writing paper as the nib may tear up the paper and it can get clogged in the ink well. It could even be that they refuse to catch ink, as often nibs can have a coating on them when new. In this instance you could try washing the nib.
If your nib is clogged, you should try cleaning the nib on a paper towel or clean cloth when you are ready to ink, just before you dip your pen in the well, or even wash it in warm soapy water. Washing it helps if it has a coating, or you could also dip it into rubbing alcohol then washing it to rid it of residue. If it’s broken, which could be the case as the nibs can warp over time and with pressure which causes the little ink-hole in the nib not to catch ink and the nib not to write. If this happens you’re going to have to replace the nib or unfortunately the pen.

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