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Jinhao Pens

An employee of a pen manufacturing company in China left the firm and established Jinhao to continue selling pens. Not only were Jinhao pens popular in China, but they entered the international market and began selling in the United States. Jinhao pens deliver quality and are exquisitely designed. They are truly original fountain pens with highly smooth nibs for achieving precise lines.

The packaging for the pens is usually a simple yet beautiful. With model names such as the “Dragon’s Descendent” and “Dragon Protects Precious Stone,” it is clear that these pens are embedded in Chinese history, philosophy and art. Over time, Jinhao extended its selection of models and now there are dozens of decorative and elaborate pens available for both China and the United States.

Aside from the intricate detailing on some Jinhao pens, there are more modern and sleek designs as well. They are weighty pens covered with lacquered effects. While some pens have colored shapes, others have abstract combinations of colors. Often, one will find the named Jinhao scripted on the rip of the cap on a gold or silver plate. These fountain pens come with a cap that fits snuggly. Writing is smooth and there is a sense of freedom when the nib meets the paper. Ebay currently has these available.

Overall, Jinhao pens are well-constructed and solid pens. When this instrument of writing is set to use, the outcome is a solid and fine line and the experience is a soft one. The ink flows freely and depending on how the pen is held, one can achieve a range of line widths from fine to medium. Bleeding ink from wet pens is not something one will come across with Jinhao pens. What makes them even more outstanding is that they are more affordable than some other competing brands. Unlike other manufacturers, Jinhao is committed to offering traditional and classic pens with decorative designs combined with the highest standards of performance.